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Peretz & Associates is known for its quality work and extraordinary commitment to clients. We are a San Francisco-based plaintiff-side law firm committed to assertively advocating for our clients’ rights. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality written and oral advocacy while being responsive to our clients’ needs.

Peretz & Associates specializes in advocating for worker’s rights by representing individual employees against employers ranging from small business to Fortune 500 firms in wrongful termination and discrimination cases. Peretz & Associates also specializes in successfully prosecuting wage and hour class action lawsuits against national and global companies. Additional areas of our expertise include, representing tenants in wrongful evictions and landlord-tenant disputes, elder abuse actions brought on behalf of abused seniors, real estate fraud, and general business and contract disputes.

Just as no two people are the same, no two legal matters are exactly the same. We at Peretz & Associates know this and treat each matter in the unique manner it deserves with all efforts aimed at ultimate resolution.


Ex-Tesla Execs Win Reinstatement Of Contract Claims

A California appeals court on Thursday dismissed the defamation claims of two Tesla Motors Inc. executives fired in a round of layoffs in 2008 but reinstated claims that the electric-car maker breached a stock options agreement...more

Relatively Unknown Lawyer Takes On High-Profile Tesla Litigation

Yosef Peretz, dressed in a dark suit too large for his small frame, lowered himself into the passenger seat of a sleek gray Tesla Roadster with thick orange racing stripes. His client, Tesla Motors co-founder Martin Eberhard, pulled the electric, envy-of-all-Silicon-Valley-riche sports car silently out of the San Mateo County Courthouse parking garage...more

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