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Practice Areas

Peretz & Associates is a law firm focused on civil litigation in the San Francisco Bay Area. The core practice areas of the firm are:


We aggressively advocate for the rights of employees in disputes with their current or former employers. We have successfully represented employees in wrongful termination, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination (including disability, gender, race, religion, national origin, age and sexual orientation), whistle blowing, and wage and hour class action cases. 

We have a proven record of success in both class action and individual cases. Whether the case is in state or federal court, or in an administrative forum such, as the Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement, we will bring both experience and intelligence in advocating for your rights.


Peretz & Associates business litigation practice serves businesses in real estate fraud, contract and business disputes and insurance bad faith cases. We are dedicated to effective advocacy and expedient resolutions while being mindful of the expense of litigation. Peretz & Associates has been recognized by multiple publications for their successful and vigorous advocacy in business disputes.


Peretz & Associates is recognized for its attorneys’ experience in handling landlord-tenant litigation including wrongful eviction; fire, water and other habitability lawsuits; eviction defense; breach of lease and other landlord-tenant disputes. Additionally, Peretz & Associates successfully and effectively handles buyouts for tenants protected under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance.


Peretz & Associates elder abuse practice assists clients in putting a stop to financial fraud and other forms of abuse to which elders may fall victim. Peretz & Associates specializes in actions resulting from real estate fraud and actions against homecare facilities for neglect and physical harm inflicted on elders.